Why Join RE/MAX Hallmark?

We’ve got the same goals

We know what’s important for you as a real estate professional. So we have aligned our goals with yours, to master the industry, build a successful career, and cherish the community.

Building Your Business is Our Business

We build your business by providing state of the art technology, leadership, and training in all aspects of our real estate industry. Our leadership team, staff and associates are dedicated to help you drive your career.

Guardians of the Industry

We are extremely proud of our industry and take on the responsibility of helping to grow our industry in the heart and minds of our consumers. We expect and deliver professional service and care to everyone we are privileged to serve.

We Are Not Bystanders

We make a difference in our communities. We are engaged - making a difference in every way we can. Our Realtors and staff raise over $250,000 yearly in support of various initiatives - as close as your neighbourhood and as far away as needed.


We do more, and achieve more

The RE/MAX HALLMARK brand is pervasive, reminding buyers and sellers that we stand for being different. What we achieve speaks loud about what we do best. It all empowers us to be thought of, and chosen more often. So we can get more done, a lot more.


Run your business with the right tech.

Innovation is in our blood. From before the first .com to today's digital universe, we've never stopped hunting for new ways to help our agents get ahead.



Client Relationship Management, lies at the heart of our marketing success. As part of your package, you will will have access to Hallmark CRM. A professionally manufactured platform that supports your business from basic marketing needs, to advanced lead management strategies.


From educational seminars and events calendar, to latest buyer/seller presentations, listing documents, market reports and much more, Re/Max Hallmark Hub puts a wealth of information, tools and documents at your finger tips, to help support you with your everyday tasks.


When you’re on Re/Max Hallmark website, you’re not just a picture and a contact form. You get your own "Mini Website” on which you can effectively manage your profile, your listings, your client testimonials, awards and farming areas. You can also upgrade to a full-feature website with your own domain.


It hasn't happened overnight.

We have become the most trusted brand, with the highest performing team in the Re/Max family, by focusing from the beginning, on RE/MAX Hallmark's core philosophy of building real estate careers. Decades of dedication and innovation has engraved excellence in our DNA, making Re/Max Hallmark synonymous with top-notch service.

We strongly believe that the greatest team in the world, that we call family, are what make us great, and to simply help businesses stay afloat isn’t enough any more. By staying on top of the ever-changing real estate market, and utilizing the most cutting edge tools, we help launch careers into the next level.

As a member of RE/MAX Hallmark you will have access to:

  • RE/MAX Hallmark CRM and other cutting edge technology
  • Regular training on wide range of industry, business and marketing topics
  • The most dynamic website that enhances your presence and supports your business
  • Many conveniently located offices throughout the GTA, Muskoka and Ottawa, open 7 days a week
  • 24 Hours answering and call-routing service
  • Commissions paid out daily, through Direct Deposit
  • Hands-on Experienced Brokers with decades of experience
  • One on One coaching for Top Producers and Team Leaders
  • Systems Coach Program available to agents to develop Real Estate Systems
  • And much more…