Top Three Unexpected Benefits to Hosting an Open House

When you are selling your home, many people believe hosting an open house is a good way to sell a home.  While an open house may indeed attract the perfect buyer, surprisingly, this is not the only benefit to an open house.  The other benefits an open house offers, however, do tend to move homeowners closer to the ultimate goal of selling the home.

Open Houses Expand the Odds More than You May Think

Have you ever gone to an open house, not because you were thinking of buying, but because you were curious about your neighbor’s home?  At first, blush, hosting the neighborhood looky-loos may seem like an unnecessary hassle.  However, people don’t visit open houses in a vacuum.  They may tell a friend or family member about what they saw, and how your home may be just perfect for them.  This can lead to a private showing, and hopefully, a sale.  The truth is the larger number of people who see your home, the more likely you are to sell quickly.

Open Houses Are an Opportunity for Another Set of Eyes

If you are willing to listen to feedback, an open house provides for a large amount of feedback with minimal inconvenience.  It can be difficult, but listening to people’s comments – without giving in to the desire to rebut - can open a homeowner’s eyes to how others view their property.  Maybe you think the border in the baby’s room is the cutest thing ever, but ask yourself, what are the odds, if you were shopping for a new home and were expecting or planning for a little one, that the house you find has the perfect nursery already outfitted?  If you still think your home will sell faster with the nursery intact, consider an open house, and ask your realtor to listen to feedback.

Open Houses Force You to Finally Get Around to It

When you decide to sell your home, you must know you will need to clean your home from top to bottom.  However, this is easy to put off (particularly closets, the basement, and the attic).  Nonetheless, once you have an open house scheduled, this may be just the kick you need to get to those final tasks done.  If you are one of those people that needs a clear line in the sand, setting an open house date might be just the thing you need.

If You are Thinking of Selling Your Home

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