Superstitious? Try These Tricks to Sell Your

If you are superstitious, there are several tricks you can try to sell your home faster.  We can’t speak to whether these tricks work, but we can tell you others have relied on these tricks – they may just work for you, too.

Cleanse Your Home

Smudging is a Native American tradition.  Burning sage is considered an effective way to cleanse an area.  Purchase a dried sage bundle, and light one end.  Blow on it gently and let it smolder.  Experts claim moving the burning sage bundle around your home, up towards the ceiling, down towards the floor, and in corners is said to banish bad vibes and stale energy.  This will be replaced with good energy and harmonious vibes.

Observe Your Behavior

The Irish have a saying, “Go out the way you came in.”  In other words, mind the door you entered through, and use that door when you leave.  This is because doors are viewed as symbols of transition.  Consider setting up your open house so potential buyers and sellers also use the same door when they exit as they did when they entered.

Mind Your Numbers

There are any number of superstitions associated with numbers.  Seven, for example, is preferred in certain religions, including:




Hindu; and 


Some believe including seven in the asking price increases your likelihood of a fast sale.  Additionally, the Chinese feel strongly about the numbers 8 and 4.  The word “eight” sounds like the Chinese word used for wealth and prosperity.  The word “four,” on the other hand, sounds close to the word for death.  Consider using the number eight, and avoiding the number four.

Finally, avoid the number 13, long considered an unlucky number.

Avoid Bad Luck

Fennel was considered an effective herb for preventing bad luck and sorcery from coming into the house if hung over the doorways in Medieval Europe.  Consider a strategically placed sachet of fennel seeds near your home’s front door. 

Timing, Timing, Timing

Three Mondays traditionally considered unlucky by some Christians include:

The first Monday in April (believed to be the birth date of Cain);

The second Monday in August (considered to be the day Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed);

And the last Monday in December (believed to be the day Judas Iscariot was born).

In Europe, Wednesday was considered unlucky.  However, the early settlers in New England viewed Wednesday as the best day of all.  

Germans believe Thursday is the unluckiest day of the week.  Traditionally, no important business is carried out on Thursday.  

Thinking of Selling Your Home?

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