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Michael McLachlan serves as the Broker of Record of RE/MAX Hallmark® Realty Ltd. and General Manager of RE/MAX Hallmark® Group of Companies. His commitment to the success of REALTORS® is evident through his unwavering passion for helping them achieve their goals, grow their businesses, and build successful careers in the competitive field of real estate.

Born and raised in Toronto, Michael's journey in real estate began with a strong educational foundation, earning an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Carleton University. This background equipped him with a solid foundation in understanding the economic intricacies that shape the real estate market. As a second-generation REALTOR®, he inherited a legacy of excellence and chose to pursue his professional career in real estate. Before joining RE/MAX Hallmark® in 2009, Michael gained valuable experience working within different roles within RE/MAX Hallmark® on the administration side, and later as a Sales Representative in Ottawa at RE/MAX Metro City, showcasing his dedication to honing his skills in diverse real estate markets.

As a vital member of the RE/MAX Hallmark® leadership team, Michael plays a pivotal role in serving associates throughout the network of offices. His leadership philosophy emphasizes training, mentorship, and coaching programs tailored to the unique needs of each REALTOR®. This collaborative approach fosters an environment where individuals can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Michael McLachlan's impact on the real estate community extends beyond his managerial roles. He has been an active contributor to the industry, currently serving on TRREB's Arbitration & Professional Standards Committee as well as the RE/MAX National Advisory Council. This additional commitment showcases his dedication to upholding the highest professional standards within the real estate sector. Through his strategic vision and involvement in industry initiatives, Michael continues to shape the success stories of REALTORS® within the RE/MAX Hallmark® Group of Companies, leaving an indelible mark on the organization's legacy.