Broker of Record



  • English


Paula embarked on her career in real estate following a successful tenure in project management within the store fixture industry.

Currently holding the position of Broker of Record at RE/MAX Hallmark Chay Realty, she stands as a testament to a self-starter who climbed the ranks through dedication and resilience. Paula takes pride in her leadership skills and is known for her ability to mentor those seeking guidance. Her hands-on approach, tenacity, and unwavering positivity make her an invaluable team player within the organization.

With a foundation in project management, Paula transitioned seamlessly into the real estate sector after achieving notable success in the store fixture industry. Her educational background, coupled with practical experience, forms a well-rounded profile, reflecting her adaptability and ability to thrive in diverse professional landscapes. 

Paula leads by example, ensuring that her hands-on approach and tenacity resonate throughout the team. Her positive mindset contributes to a workplace culture that values collaboration and mutual success, creating an environment where every team member feels empowered and supported.